Vaso Corporation (“Vaso” or the “Company”), formerly Vasomedical, Inc., is a medical technology company with experience and expertise that crosses diverse product and service categories, including noninvasive monitoring and therapeutic devices, diagnostic imaging equipment, and information technology for enterprises and clinical customers.

The Company currently operates in three distinct business units in healthcare and information technology industries:  VasoMedical for the design, manufacture, sale and service of proprietary medical devices; VasoHealthcare for professional sales services of diagnostic imaging equipment; and VasoTechnology for managed IT systems and services, including healthcare software solutions and network connectivity services.


VasoTechnology is a solutions company that focuses on the provision of reliable and secure network connectivity for enterprises and healthcare customers with mission critical applications, data storage and security services. As a engineering and technical specialist, the company enables healthcare and business IT infrastructure through managed professional services for diverse vertical markets in the U.S. and globally.


VasoHealthcare provides professional sales representation service for capital medical equipment, with a specialty in the diagnostic imaging modalities for healthcare’s middle market, including independent hospitals, imaging centers, and multispecialty clinics across the continental U.S.  It has been partnering with General Electric Healthcare, a world leader in the medical imaging technology, since 2010.


Carrying the Company’s original name, VasoMedical is the business unit for its proprietary medical devices for noninvasive monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of certain cardiovascular disease.  The engineering and production activities are mainly conducted in its China based facilities, while the marketing, sales and services are managed directly from the Company’s US and China offices or through partners in various regions of the world.


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